What’s the difference between a registered office address and a trading address?

What’s the difference between a registered office address and a trading address? Regarding company registration in Ireland there are distinctions between a registered office address and a trading address for a limited company when you register a company in Ireland. These addresses serve different purposes and have specific requirements: Registered Office Address: Legal Requirement: Every… Read More »

Free VIN number

When starting your company formation in Ireland Irish Formations will now offer a free VIN number with every Incorporation. Starting from June 11th, 2023, when completing specific forms, individuals serving as company directors will be mandated to furnish their Personal Public Service (PPS) numbers or a VIN number for foreign Directors. VIF Application Process: In… Read More »

Keeping your company compliant – A Guide

Keeping your company compliant – A Guide Keeping your company compliant is essential to ensuring your company is not struck off the register involuntarily. This quick list will guide you through the areas of compliance that need to be met after you create a company in Ireland. Registered Office: Keep your registered office registered office… Read More »

How can a company be struck off the register?

An Irish company can be involuntarily struck off the Companies Register if it fails to meet its statutory obligations and compliance requirements. So how can a company be struck off the register? Fails to file its annual returns with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) within the prescribed timeframe. Fails to submit its financial statements as… Read More »

Managing A Lean Business Startup

Managing a lean business startup in your new company formation involves adopting strategies and practices that allow you to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary expenses. Here are some key steps to help you manage a lean business startup effectively: Set Clear Goals: Define your business goals and objectives to have a clear direction. This will… Read More »

New PPS Requirements To Incorporate

From today new requirements to Incorporate come into effect with the CRO (Companies Registration Office) in Ireland. Many CRO processes like forming a company or filing an annual return will require the inclusion of a Directors PPS number or VIN number. Company Registration in Ireland will now require the confirmation of a PPS number for… Read More »

Company Formation Discount Code June 2023

Now is the perfect time to take the leap and establish your own company. We are happy to announce a special promotion that will make it even easier for you to start your new business journey. For a limited time only, we are offering a company formation discount code for June 2023. We are offering… Read More »

How to keep a company in Ireland compliant

  After completing your company registration in Ireland it is important you uphold your duties and keep your company compliant. Its important to identify key compliance requirements for a limited company operating in Ireland. Here we explain how to keep a company in Ireland Compliant. Maintaining compliance with  laws, regulations, and reporting obligations is crucial… Read More »

Risks of Appointing a Nominee Director

The Risks of Appointing a Nominee Director in an Irish Company Appointing a nominee director in an Irish company may seem like a convenient solution for certain business situations.  For example if your company does not have a Director in the European Economic Area and you wish to avoid having a Section 137 Bond, then… Read More »

Advantages of Registering a Company in Ireland

Ireland has gained a reputation as a favorable destination for business and entrepreneurship. This article explores the advantages of registering a company in Ireland, including its strategic location, favorable tax regime, skilled workforce, supportive business environment, and access to the European Union market. Strategic Location Ireland’s strategic location acts as a gateway between Europe and… Read More »