What is a PPS number?

When we are contacted regarding forming a new company for a client living outside Ireland, one of the many questions they ask is what is a pps number? A Personal Public Service Number or PPS number, also referred to as a PPSN. The number is required by Irish Directors who own more than 15% of… Read More »

Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2020

The companies registrations office has today released new filing deadlines for Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2020, but also released information regarding the upgrading of its software which will effect anyone who is due to return signature pages to incorporate a company or stay compliant. This long overdue update is being planned before the… Read More »

Reasons to incorporate in Ireland

If your considering where you will locate your company, there are many reasons to incorporate in Ireland and base your business here. With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union,  Ireland is  positioned  to  be  a strategic location to form and operate a company. Ireland is Europe’s Fastest Growing Economy. The Irish Economy grew by… Read More »

Virtual Office in Ireland

Many of our clients not only require a registered office, but also full Virtual Office in Ireland. Outsourcing is a proven lean start up strategy, and a Virtual Office in Ireland can make all the difference in keeping costs down. It is a requirement to have a Registered office in Ireland for all companies on… Read More »

Good Practices of a Lean Startup

Good Practices of a Lean Startup Starting your new business can be daunting and its best to firstly consider the good practices of a lean startup before your activity goes into full swing. For the purpose of this blog post, we will assume you are running a business, in an effort to convert it to… Read More »