What is a First Annual Return?

What is a First Annual Return? When talking to Directors who want to incorporate a company, many of them ask us; what is a first annual return (FAR)? The FAR needs to be completed electronically whether the company is trading or not. The FAR is a return of information about the company and records any… Read More »

Benefits of having a business plan

Benefits of having a business plan There are many benefits of having a business plan, and even if your not a start up, a business plan can give your business focus, and force you to re-think your goals. Many clients who incorporate a company with us will have this document already completed. Having a business… Read More »

Remote Opening a company in Ireland

Remote Opening a company in Ireland. Irish Formations specialise in remote opening a company in Ireland and have designed all our services to perform this for clients. There are some services that need a Director to visit in person and this article is designed to take you through how it works. For the most part… Read More »

Personal Public Service Numbers

Personal Public Service Numbers Personal Public Service numbers or PPSN are required for Resident and Non-Resident Proprietary Directors of Irish Companies under certain circumstances.   Proprietary Directors are those who control, either directly or indirectly, more than 15% of the share capital of a company.  As such a Proprietary Director has to file an income tax… Read More »

We are operating normally during Covid-19 restrictions.

During this difficult time we felt that it was important to let our clients know about our response to the restrictions belong put in place by the Irish Government. Irish Formations is operating normally during these restrictions. The Covid 19 restrictions being put in place across Ireland and the world are unprecedented. Our services are… Read More »

Registered Office Address in Ireland

Irish Formations can provide a Registered Office address in Ireland for your Limited company. Whether you are a sole trader/partnership or Limited Company, having a prestigious business address for your business can be an advantage when dealing with clients. For a Limited Company it is a requirmnt to have a registered office within the state.… Read More »

Company Formation Deadlines 2019

Company Formation deadlines have been released for 2019. If you are going ahead with your company formation, or your clients company formation if you are an Accountant or in the Legal profession, its time to get your submissions in to us to be incorporated by the end of the year. The deadline for getting your… Read More »