Company Formation Deadlines 2019

Company Formation deadlines have been released for 2019. If you are going ahead with your company formation, or your clients company formation if you are an Accountant or in the Legal profession, its time to get your submissions in to us to be incorporated by the end of the year. The deadline for getting your… Read More »

Section 137 Bond and Brexit

We have now been updated by the Companies Registrations Office regarding the requirement for a Section 137 bond and Brexit. The date of which the United Kingdom leave the EU is unknown at present even though it is due to happen on Friday 12th April they are now in discussions to extend this date. If… Read More »

Change a limited company name

There are many reasons why a company would want to change a limited company name. Mostly it is for Intellectual Property conflicts or Marketing reasons. We are regularly approached by companies  who want to change the limited company name. This change will have some implications for the company to consider. If the reason for the… Read More »

Company Formation Deadlines for 2018

Company Formation deadlines for 2018 have been released by the Companies Registrations Office.  This deadline relates to you being incorporated before the end of the year. It is always advisable to be well ahead of these deadlines as demand for New companies is at an all time high.   The deadline for getting your signed… Read More »

Considering a Company Strike Off?

Are you considering a company strike off? There are a number of considerations for you before you proceed to ensure a smooth process. A Strike off can take time as there are set procedures to follow set down by the Companies Registrations Office. A voluntary strike of your company can be completed as long as assets… Read More »

You formed a company in Ireland What now?

So you formed a company in Ireland. What now? Even if you are thinking of forming a company in Ireland we understand that you will need support once your company is incorporated. Support is provided in many ways. Firstly, you will need support to create a relationship with the Bank in Ireland. We have established… Read More »