Opening a Bank account for a Limited Company

Irish Formations have multiple solutions for opening bank accounts for limited companies in Ireland. A new consideration has arisen for anyone looking to open an account. We have been notified by our contact within AIB Bank in Ireland that opening a bank account for a limited company must include a completed submission to the register… Read More »

Registered Office versus Trading Address

If you are considering incorporating a company in Ireland and you were wondering what the differences between a registered office versus trading address then read on. Firstly you should consider putting both The registered office address and trading address on your incorporation documents from the beginning. The best advice is that they should be different… Read More »

Trading address for a limited company

      Do you need a trading address for a limited company? Irish Formations will be offering a separate trading address from the statutory registered office address of a company from April 2021. We have taken office space in a separate building and will be offering a number of services including Desk Rental, Boardroom… Read More »

Section 137 Non Resident Bonds and Brexit

Section 137 Non Resident Bonds and Brexit has become a hot topic now that the transition and deadline period has passed, the United Kingdom has left the European Single Market in December 2020. An agreement was reached between the UK Government and European Commission to align Northern Ireland in a limited way on rules over… Read More »

What is a PPS number?

When we are contacted regarding forming a new company for a client living outside Ireland, one of the many questions they ask is what is a pps number? A Personal Public Service Number or PPS number, also referred to as a PPSN. The number is required by Irish Directors who own more than 15% of… Read More »