Bank Account Opening Ireland

Remote Bank Account Opening as part of your company formation.

Please note that we can only assist companies who register with us regarding Bank Account Opening and referrals.

Both residents and non-residents can benefit from bank account opening in Ireland. Our banking partners assist our clients to open accounts every day.  If you require a bank account for your business we will pass you on to our contact in the bank who specialises in opening accounts once your company is formed.  Remote Bank account opening is now available with Revolut, Fire, and with Bank of Ireland through Branch. They will organise your bank account opening forms and ensure that this is done as efficiently as possible. We will have already provided you will many of the documents you need to open your bank account for your company. Ireland is considered a popular choice for opening a bank account for the following reasons:

  • Ireland is an English speaking member of the European Community.
  • Ireland has a low Corporation Tax rate (12.5%)
  • Ireland’s Law system is similar to the UK and US systems.

In our business center we are located within walking distance of three branches of three of Ireland’s leading banks. Our banking partners can assist in remote opening of accounts where the individual resides in Ireland but not in all cases. Remote opening of Bank Accounts is available with and

What is required to open a Bank Account for an Irish Company?
The bank will require to make an application through their preferred application process. Bank of Ireland or AIB will most likely require in person opening but talk to us first about this. Fire and Revolut are online applications only. Its important to note that in most cases the submission on the RBO (Register of Beneficial Owners) will need to be completed fully and registered before you can open a bank account with an Irish Branch. We include this process in all our packages free of charge. The banks will also require proof of ID and Proof of address to process the application.


Irish Formations Banking Partners

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