Our Servcices – fax or post your order.

Many of our clients have been asking about posting or faxing in their order. We wanted to provide a facility that makes it easy for them to submit their information to us, but also provide an “Offline” facility to submit information. We have decided to use PDF forms. PDF forms are a simple efficient way… Read More »

“LIVE Search” Limited Company Name Tool here.

So you have chosen your company name, only to discover that the Companies Registration Office will not accept it as it is already registered! If only you knew this before! We have the answer. We have a live search tool on our website where you can search the availability of your name, and it will… Read More »

Tips on choosing a business name.

One of your biggest battles in business is to make the decision making process of your customers to use or buy your services, short & efficient. A good business name will help this.  One of the first questions anyone asks when setting up a new business is, “What am I going to call it?” Unless… Read More »