Tax Registration

Tax Registration By: Wiebke Wolter One important point in setting up a business in Ireland is to consider the Tax Registrations you are obliged to make. It is strongly recommended to get familiar with the Irish Tax system before you start your business as you have to register for and pay several taxes once your… Read More »

Company Registrations Office Annual Report

Company Registrations Office Annual Report shows a positive outlook. The Company Registrations Office Annual Report was published today. The Companies Registration Office is the central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names. There have been some interesting results in this report. One of the most interesting figures from the report is that 15,506… Read More »


Irish Formations attending CORKMEET 2013 Irish Formations have again decided to attend CORKMEET 2013 which is being held in the Radisson Hotel Cork Little Island. The event will attend up to 10,000 face to face meetings over the dates of 10th to 13th April. This event is a great opportunity for business to get in front of… Read More »