Change a limited company name

There are many reasons why a company would want to change a limited company name. Mostly it is for Intellectual Property conflicts or Marketing reasons. We are regularly approached by companies  who want to change the limited company name. This change will have some implications for the company to consider.

If the reason for the change is a conflict with another company due to a registered trade mark, the first consideration is to check the new name being chosen so the company does not fall into the same trap again. Another reason is that some Directors would rather purchase an off the shelf company, and then change its name. A new constitution must be submitted along with supporting documentation for the change to take effect. The change of the company name is in accordance with Section 30 of the Companies Act 2014, and we will check the availability of the name prior to sending out documentation to a client. Ultimately the name change is subject to approval to the registrar of companies.

Digital name change certificates are now issued by the Companies Registrations Office and emailed to us which are forwarded on to the client as part of the process.