Selecting a limited company name

Selecting a limited company name for a company in Ireland comes with some challenges. Firstly, you have to consider the Marketing related considerations, and secondly, the name of the company has to be available on the register of companies in Ireland. It is our job to ensure your name is available and to give it the best chance of going through without you having to go back and choose again.

From a marketing perspective its important to get the name of the business correct but if your going to trade with the limited company name, its important not to spend on marketing until you secure the limited company name, and this is done once the company is incorporated. If you do not get the limited company name you require then you can register a similar name as a Trading name and trade with that name. Certain documents require the trading name and company name to be listed. Its always important to take guidance from a compliance expert as to how this works.

When a name is being applied for, pre-checking is done by us so the name gets the very best chance it can get and minimizes rejection of the name. As you the client will have gone through signing pages for the process of incorporation. When a client places an order with us we check the name with the Companies Registrations office. We then research the availability of the name ourselves and finally assemble the incorporation papers and get them to the client within a working day. In most cases its same day. The Companies Registrations office receive our submission and check the availability of the name, and then once clear, incorporate the company.

The search facilities we provide on the home page of our website are an exact match search, and this is why we have a number of checks that the name goes through. A name can be rejected if it is even phonetically similar to another name. Peepzi Limited could be rejected against Pepsi Cola Limited for example. This is why we do vigorous pre-checks before we get incorporation papers and constitutions drafted for our clients.

In the unlikely event that a name is rejected, in most cases the incorporation papers will have to be re-drafted. Each set of documents has a unique submission number which is unique to that submission. If a change is made to documents then the submission number changes, and all signatories are required to sign again. This is a real inconvenience to Directors, especially if they are dispersed around the world as all signatures need to be on same pages.

Selecting a limited company name is made easier by talking to us first. If you have questions just call or email us at any time.