Companies House Ireland: A Guide

Companies House Ireland. Companies House is referred to as the Companies Registrations Office.

A Step by Step  Guide on companies House In Ireland

Companies House Ireland: A Guide. Companies House is referred to as the Companies Registrations Office in Ireland or the CRO. The Companies Registration Office (CRO) serves as the primary database for public statutory records concerning Irish companies, business names, and limited partnerships. The CRO is the organisation that makes amendments to legal entities also, and is where amendments are recorded providing visibility to others managing compliance.

Making submissions to the CRO is what we do here at Irish Formations, and we have been managing clients submissions since 2010. If you’re considering starting a company in Ireland, count on us to simplify the process, after all we are one of Irelands leading company formation agencies. Before you dive into the registration process, it’s essential to understand some critical aspects. Upon enlisting our services, we’ll lead you through each stage of the process. This page acts as our essential guide to setting up a company in Ireland.

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After gathering all the necessary information, the next steps involve us preparing your signature documents, such as your incorporation papers and Constitution. These documents must be submitted to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland. Crafting these documents is our specialty. Our team at Irish Formations is highly skilled in this domain and will assist you in creating the application documents and your Company Constitution comprehensively.

Incorporation is just the beginning. Your newly formed limited company comes with accounting responsibilities. We’re here to navigate you through these obligations, offering a comprehensive checklist to keep you informed about the essentials when establishing a Limited Company in Ireland. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless and cost-effective process for you.

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What are the different types of companies in Ireland?

A Private Limited Company?

A Private Limited company with Shares (LTD) is the preferred business entity in Ireland due to its high flexibility and ease of management and modification, particularly when operating remotely from another country. It is easy to make amendments through Companies House in Ireland known as the CRO.

A Private limited company or LTD has Limited liability, where shareholders solely own shares within the company. In a limited liability company, shareholders’ responsibility, in case of company insolvency, is limited to any outstanding payments on their owned shares.

It operates as a distinct legal entity, with its own legal standing independent of its management and shareholders. Legal proceedings are directed at the Limited Company itself rather than its individual members.

Companies House Ireland: A Guide

What other company types are there available for registration?


Public Limited Company PLC

A Public Limited Company (PLC) in Ireland is a company whose shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange. It has the authority to offer shares to the general public and is legally mandated to adhere to certain regulatory standards. PLCs usually have more rigorous reporting and disclosure obligations than private companies. They are required to maintain a minimum share capital and are subject to company law regulations tailored for PLCs.


Designated Activity Company DAC

A Designated Activity Company (DAC) in Ireland is a company structure often utilized for particular purposes, like property management or professional services. Unlike private limited companies, DACs must delineate their primary activities in their constitution and strictly abide by them. The liability of DACs may vary based on their configuration, and they are obliged to appoint at least two directors and one secretary.


Company Limited by Guarantee CLG

A Company Limited by Guarantee in Ireland is a type of nonprofit organization that does not have share capital or shareholders. Instead, it is owned and controlled by its members, who act as guarantors rather than investors. This means that in the event of the company being wound up, each member agrees to contribute a predetermined amount towards its debts. CLGs are commonly used by charities, clubs, and community groups in Ireland.


Unlimited Company ULC

In Ireland, an unlimited company represents a business structure in which members’ liability isn’t capped. Consequently, members are personally accountable for the company’s debts and commitments. Unlike limited liability companies, where shareholders’ responsibility is confined to their investment, members of an unlimited company may need to utilize personal assets to clear the company’s debts if it faces insolvency. Unlimited companies are less prevalent than limited liability counterparts and are generally employed for specialized purposes like investment holding or professional services.

What steps are taken to Register a Company in Ireland?


Choose a company name.

Once you choose your company name we will check its availability, but don’t be worried if its not available. You will be able to trade through a trading name if necessary.


Whats your activity in the company?

A NACE code will be registered for you and this can be changed post registration if necessary.


Decide on your company type.

Most companies registered are Private limited companies with Shares. If you are undecided just male contact with us and we can guide you through your choices.


Where is your registered office located?

Each company in Ireland must maintain an address within the country, known as the statutory registered office address. P.O. Box numbers are not acceptable for this purpose. Irish Formations offers addresses to numerous companies and includes Mail Scanning and processing as a standard service. Additionally, we offer up-to-date VOIP telephone services, and if needed, telephone services can be supplemented with call answering at a later point.


What is your share structure?

You will need to consider Authorized and Issued share capital, along with their respective values. We configure these shares to reduce future costs should you decide to allocate additional shares. Issued share capital is derived from Authorized shares and is allocated to subscribers. Shareholders can be individuals or entities from any location worldwide. We suggest a straightforward structure of 100 issued shares valued at €1 each. Since individual shares cannot be divided, it’s crucial to establish the correct number of Issued shares from the outset.


Who are your shareholders going to be?

What is the distribution set up for your shares? A shareholder does not need to be a Director and can either be an individual person or another entity or company in Ireland or abroad. We will collect this information and incorporate it into your application. The most popular share structure is a simple one.  If you are setting up a subsidiary of another company let us know. We will need a copy of the certificate of incorporation of that company.


Do you need a Section 137 Non Resident Directors Bond?

This insurance is mandatory if you don’t have a Director residing in the European Economic Area. It’s not a refundable deposit; rather, it constitutes an insurance premium. The European Economic Area includes EU member states (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, & Sweden), along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. If your company is involuntarily removed from the register over time due to violations of the tax consolidation act or companies act, the bond will be redeemed by the Irish Government.


You will then be incorporated.

Simply sign the incorporation pages provided, and we’ll take care of the rest. If needed, we’ll interact with the Companies Registration Office on your behalf. Documents can be signed digitally and sent back to us via email. However, if you’re acquiring a Section 137 Bond, it must currently be sent to us via post. Section 137 Bonds are processed before the company is established. Once we receive the bond documents from the insurance company, we combine them with your signed papers, and the company is incorporated within 3-5 working days. Upon receipt of the company certificate of incorporation, we promptly email it to you.


Bank account choices. ?

You won’t be able to open an account until your RBO filing is finalized, a step we handle as part of our Premium Package. Upon incorporation, we connect you with two banks as our channel partners. You’ll receive a link, which you’ll use along with your company number to initiate the bank account opening process. Inquire about remote opening options. Additionally, you can discuss with your own bank the potential of opening a bank account in Ireland for your newly formed Irish Company.

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Why Register a Private Limited Company in Ireland?

Frequently denoted as ‘A Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD),’ a Private Company Limited by Shares is a predominant business structure in Ireland, serving as the most widely favoured form of business entity. It is the easiest company vehicle type to manage and amend.

The company benefits from limited liability, which means that the usual responsibility for company directors and shareholders is restricted to the extent of their investment in the business.

Moreover, a Limited Company is acknowledged as a separate legal entity, affording it the capacity to obtain loans, enter into contractual agreements, and face legal proceedings autonomously.

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Various taxes apply to Irish companies, including:
Corporation Tax
This tax is levied on the profits generated by companies operating in Ireland.
Value Added Tax (VAT)
A consumption tax applicable to most goods and services sold in Ireland.
Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT):
A withholding tax imposed on specific construction-related activities in Ireland.
Employers PAYE:
Employers are responsible for deducting the appropriate amounts of income tax, Universal Social Charge (USC), and Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI) from their employees’ pay.
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