Company Formation Documents

documentsWhen we form a company for you, you are sent a set of company formation documents in the post to complete the process. Depending on what company formations pack you have chosen, this set of documents is as follows. We have chosen the Premium Pack as an example:

Certificate of Incorporation:

This document is issued to you once your company is incorporated and must be displayed at the Registered Office of the company. It contains the Company Number, Limited Company Name, Incorporation Date, and is signed by the Registrar of Companies.

Memorandum and Articles of Association:

This document is your companies constitution, and contains your share structure, and objects of your company. Your objects are what your company activity is. The Memorandum contains information on the Share Structure and shareholders of the company.

Share Certificates:

We issue share certificates to all shareholders, and the document can be embossed by a company seal. The share certs contain the name of the shareholder, the limited company name, the company number, and the registered office address of the company.

Schedule of company Officers:

These pages outline the Directors, and Secretary of the company containing their Address, and appointment date.

First Meeting Minutes:

This document outlines the minutes of the first meeting of the company regarding the company incorporation.

Directors & Secretary’s Booklets:

We provide a booklet for the company secretary, and the Directors to give you information on your duties and responsibilities as the officers of a Company. We also provide these for download any time you need them in your own secure account online.

Company Seal: If you take a Standard or premium account you receive a Pliers company seal which you can use to emboss important documents and contracts. The Seal is formed with your Limited Company Name, and company number.

Bound company Register:

This book contains pages for you to outline Minutes, Directors interests, all Directors and Secretaries, debentures; register of all officers, Register of Mortgages, Register of Share transfers and Register of share applications and allotments.

Head Start Vouchers:

We have developed offers for you if you come to us direct, or for your clients (If you form companies with us in volume) Irish Formations work with partners to help you get the very best products and prices so you can get a head start when setting up your business.

Free .Com Domain:

We have partnered with Register365 to give you a free .com domain. You can redeem this once your company is formed.

Unlimited Downloads:

You can download your documents at any time through your account on our website, saving you further fees.