Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2020

Update as at 09:18am on 23rd December 2020

The process of incorporations on the New Companies system is still showing errors, and there are some small delays. For the most part the process is returning to normal.


Update as at 13.00 on 17th December 2020

The Companies Registrations office released the CORE software over 24 hours ago now and it is still going through a snag list if software bugs. This means that we cannot process the amendments to companies and or the new incorporations. Once we have been advised that we can proceed we will be working on these immediately.

The Companies Registrations office has a reporting tool that we are using to find issues with the software, and we are actively reporting the issues as we see them. We will let our clients know when these issues are resolved.



(Updated 15/12/2020)

The companies registrations office has today released new filing deadlines for Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2020, but also released information regarding the upgrading of its software which will effect anyone who is due to return signature pages to incorporate a company or stay compliant. This long overdue update is being planned before the Christmas break. Notice period for this is very short. This procedure for upgrading the software is being managed by the companies registrations office and is outside of our control. We previously wrote about this here.

If you have paid for your company formation but are not incorporated yet please read carefully below. 

The Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2020 are as follows; to be incorporated using the signature pages we have already issued to you you will need to have them returned to us by 2nd December to be incorporated in 2020. If you do not return them, we will not be able to use these signature pages, but we will need to generate new pages under the new software, as the Irish Government will not accept the old pages.

Key Dates:

07 December 2020 – Cut Off Date for the receipt of signature pages to insure you are incorporated.

11 December 2020 – Transition begins to new system and we cannot generate Signature pages.

16 December 2020 – Software Go-Live date. From here we can generate signature pages to incorporate companies and manage compliance.

All companies incorporated in Ireland go through the Companies Registrations office who issue access to this software. As an agent we use this software to incorporate companies and manage compliance documents for all company types. We generate and manage our own company constitutions. If you feel you will not be able to meet the deadlines outlined above please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.