Company Formation Filing Deadlines

Company Formation Filing Deadlines

Each year the Companies Registrations Office publishes Company Formation Filing Deadlines year end 2022. To be incorporated using the signature pages we have already issued to you you will need to have them returned to us, by 14th December 2022. All the instructions will need to be followed in relation to signatures and accompanying documents required to incorporate the company.Company Formation Filing Deadlines

If you have not started the process of incorporation its best to get started as soon as possible so we can ensure that your documents are issued to you in time for you to return them.

If you do not have a Director in the European Economic Area you will require a Section 137 Non-Resident Directors bond and you may need to add a further two weeks to this process of engagement for the insurance company to issue bonds. Take this into account with regard to the company formation filig deadlines. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you can be incorporated by the end of the year if you have a bond, but we can still submit your incorporation papers for processing and they will be processed soon after the deadline.

If you wish to change your limited company name then you will need to have documents back to us by 7th December 2022.

If you wish to reserve a limited company name then this needs to be completed by 16th December 2022. Having a Name Reservation certificate takes time, but secures your name if you do not want to immediately incorporate a company. The certificate is submitted with the company formation application.

Irish Formations work with Directors and companies around the world to set up their headquarters in Ireland. If you would like to discuss your options please dont hesitate to contact us about your needs and discuss your opportunities.