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The company formation process for non residents is no different to the basic company formation process, aside from some additional requirements. Company registration in Ireland may seem like a daunting endeavor, especially for those who are non residents and looking to set up outside of Ireland. We can assure that the process can be a smooth and easy one when managed correctly. In recent years Ireland has become a hub for new foreign business ventures due to low tax rates, skilled workforce and access to European markets. Here at Irish Formations we are experts on how to create a company in Ireland. We offer complete remote set up for those looking to register a company in Ireland.

Our goal is to guide our clients so that their incorporation is done as accurately, efficiently and as quickly as possible. Not only do we provide incorporation services but we also keep our clients informed about their duties post incorporation and offer all the services to help them out. For non -residents it may be that little bit more lengthy as additional obligations are required. Not to worry, we are here to guide you through all of it. If you have a business start up idea and have been thinking about taking the leap into Irish company ownership then look no further. Our guide below will talk you through the company formation process for non residents when you incorporate with Irish Formations.

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Company formation Process: Non Resident

1. Have a chat with our Managing Director

The first step once you contact us will be a talk with our managing director. He will introduce you to the world of company formation and talk you through your personal journey, requirements, and obligations and exactly how to set up a company in Ireland. Each customer will vary on what they need depending on their own individual situation which will counter in factors such as residency, company type, package type etc,.For non – residents they may need to purchase a section 137 bond. They may also need services such as a registered office, nominee secretary and advice on Our Managing Director can talk you through these specifics along with any other questions you may have. Once you’ve had a discussion and made your decision about what’s best for you, we will direct you to our website for placing your order.

2. Placing Your Order

We want to make the journey as easy as possible. Irish Formations offer fully remote company set up so that you can conveniently set up without having to make the trip to Ireland. We offer pristine mobile support from our support team who are there to answer any questions you may have. Our website is very convenient and straight forward. You will set up a basic account with an email and password. This will then allow you to log in to your account and make your purchase. You will see our services listings. You can choose whichever package you had previously discussed with our managing director and add it to your basket. Upon adding this as an order there will be some basic questions. These will consist of the below:

  • Company Type
  • Company Name (First Choice)
  • Company Name (Second Choice)
  • Would you like to add our registered office address service? (decided on phone consultation)
  • Nature of Business
  • Director 1 Details (Name, Address, DOB, Occupation, Nationality)
  • Company Secretary Details
  • Shareholder information
  • Any other information you want to give us which may be relevant.

After these are all filled in and information has been provided then you may proceed with your payment. We then receive this on our end as a new order. At this point you can also purchase any add on services such as the section 137 bond, registered office or nominee secretary.

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3. Section 137 Bond Application

Once you have your discussion with our Managing Director he will be able to talk you through the ins and outs of obtaining your bond and all questions surrounding it. Obtaining this is necessary before initiating the incorporation process. We will coordinate with the insurance company to secure it and will need a few signatures from you This usually takes around 1 – 2 weeks depending on processing times.

4. Checking Documents

The first step on our end will be to check over all your documents and see that everything is in order. A member of the support team will liaise back and forth with you to ensure all details are correct. The company name will then be sent off to the CRO (Companies Registration Office) for checking.  This generally takes about 5-6 working days but can vary in time depending on the CRO processing times. In the meantime while you are waiting for this we will email you requesting your trading address and confirmation of your PPS number. If you are an Irish citizen you will have a PPS number. For anyone else you will have to complete the VIF application. If needs be, we will send it to you at this point. This will have to be signed and stamped by a public notary. This number is now a requirement for all company directors.

5. A1 and Constitution

Once the name check comes back and all information seems to be accurate then we submit everything to CORE. They will then generate the A1 Report and A1 Subscriber and we can generate the constitution for your company.  These will be sent to you for signing.

6. Certified Identification and AML Check

In line with the laws surrounding AML policies created by the department of justice, we must uphold our due diligence by completing AML risk assessment. Our support team will provide you with this short assessment needing just some basic information as well as certified passport identification and proof of address. The proof of address must be dated within the last 3 months and must match the address provided. We will then cross check everything and once everything seems in order we can then upload your final submission to CORE and await your official incorporation.

7. Certificate of incorporation

After the CRO receives all documentation and is happy to move forward, they will then issue your certificate of incorporation. It will be emailed to us. We will then send you your notification of incorporation email along with the additional RBO/Tax emails if these were chosen in your pack. This now means you are officially incorporated!

8. Receive Your Official Documents

After you receive this email our support team will then start generating your documents. These will all generate into one pack and include a cover letter, first meetings minutes, register of directors and secretaries, share certificates, 2 copies of the company constitution, and company seal and register (if included in chosen pack). This will be posted as a file on your Irish Formations account. Shortly after this you will receive your documents by post.

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If you have read everything above and are happy with the process at hand then pick up the phone and get in touch today. Here at Irish Formations we are experts on company formation and want to help you get started. We know it can seem daunting for non resident companies to take the leap and we want to assure our guidance and support throughout your company formation process. We offer a wide range of services depending on what you need. Our company formation service comes in the form of three company formation packages. Contact us now for your initial phone call with our managing director would be more than happy to talk you through the process

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