Company Registration Number Ireland

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How To Get A Company Registration Number in Ireland

When establishing a business in Ireland, one of the crucial steps is obtaining a Company Registration Number (CRN). This unique identifier plays a pivotal role in legally identifying your business entity. It is a requirement for operating within the Irish business landscape. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of acquiring a Company Registration Number in Ireland and shed light on its significance.

Documents must be submitted to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland to obtain this number. Should you encounter any difficulties in your research, our assistance is readily available. Our team here at Irish Formations are experts in this area.

Once you register your company, we will provide you with a certificate of incorporation. This certificate will include the Limited company name and the CRN. Please ensure the security of this digital certificate, as it will be necessary for opening a bank account along with the Company Registration number.

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What is a Company Registration Number (CRN)?

A Company Registration Number (CRN) is a distinctive identification code assigned to a registered company by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland. It serves as an official reference for the company’s legal existence and is essential for legal, administrative, and financial purposes. Each CRN is unique and remains unchanged throughout the company’s lifespan, even if its name or ownership undergoes modifications.

Company Registration Number Ireland

Why is a Company Registration number important?


Legal Identity:

The Company Registration Number provides legal recognition to your company. It is often required when entering contracts, engaging in business transactions, or dealing with government authorities.


Transparency and Accountability:

For regulatory bodies, customers, and partners, the Company Registration Number facilitates transparency and accountability. It aids in verifying a company’s legitimacy and tracking its financial and operational history.


Taxation and Compliance:

Tax authorities use the CRN to monitor a company’s tax obligations. It’s vital for filing taxes accurately and complying with tax regulations.


Access to Funding:

When seeking investments, loans, or grants, potential investors and lenders may require the CRN to perform due diligence and assess the company’s viability.


Public Records:

The Company Registration Number is part of the public record, allowing anyone to access essential information about the company’s incorporation, directors, and financial health.

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How to Obtain a Company Registration Number in Ireland?

Choose a Business Structure: The most popular company type in Ireland is a Private Limited company with shares (LTD)

Register with Us: File the information required to register the limited company on our forms. We will then generate the documents that are required to be signed by all officers and shareholders.

Await Processing: It generally takes 3-5 working days to register a limited company in Ireland. We use the fastest system available.

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Your Essential Company Set Up Checklist:


A minimum of One Director is required

A minimum of one director is required to incorporate a company in Ireland. The director’s duty is to manage the company on behalf of its shareholders. It is possible for the directors to be shareholders but directors and shareholders can be separate people. The director must be a person but a shareholder can be a person or another legal entity in Ireland or abroad. If there are no directors resident in the European Economic Area then a section 137 bond would be required.


Who will be the Company Secretary

For every limited company a company secretary is required. A secretary can be a director but there would need to be another director registered on the company if this is the case. Most companies will have one director and a separate person acting as the secretary. Irish formations can act as nominee secretary for your limited company if you are alone and you do not want to involve friends or family as an officer of your company.


Have At Least One Shareholder

The shareholders of the limited company are also the owners of the shares. We recommend 100 issued shares valued at €1 each. These 100 shares can be distributed to the shareholders.


What is your limited company name?

When you are choosing your limited company name it’s important to enter the name you want on our forms online. We will research the name fully but just below this article you can search for the of the name. Our search facility will return a positive or a negative result based on exact matches. The limited company name must be unique and cannot be the same as any other name on the register.

Is your company name available? Find out with one quick search!


Have Two Addresses: Business Address and Trading Address

Every company in Ireland is required to have a statutory registered office address within the state. It must be a physical location and it cannot be a PO Box. Essential notices are often sent to the registered office address in Ireland. This address is publicly available information. The registered office address can be outsourced to a regulated registered office provider like ourselves. Any business related post that comes to the address is emailed to you same day.


Sign all your paperwork.

We prepare all the paperwork to incorporate your company. This can be done completely remotely and digitally. Documents are prepared using the information that you file on the forms on our website. We always give you an opportunity to make any changes you need to make.

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Everything You Need To Do After Incorporation:


File With The Register Of Beneficial Owners

All Irish registered companies are obligated to register their beneficial owner (anyone holding 25% or more of company shares) on the RBO (Register of Beneficial Ownership) website.

Meeting this registration requirement within 5 months is imperative. Main shareholders must possess a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) for successful registration, or they can alternatively opt for form BEN2. To streamline this procedure, the Registration of Beneficial Ownership service can be delegated to a specialist in company formation, such as Irish Formations. Our Premium Packages encompass this crucial step, as opening a bank account in Ireland hinges upon its completion. Neglecting the RBO registration holds the gravity of a criminal offense, potentially resulting in fines or convictions. Furthermore, it’s worth highlighting that several Irish banks mandate the fulfillment of RBO registration before authorizing the establishment of a corporate bank account.


Registering Your Company For Tax

For new companies in Ireland, you must register for Corporation Tax when you start to trade, and you do not need to unless you do start trading.

Various taxes apply to Irish companies, including:
Corporation Tax
This tax is levied on the profits generated by companies operating in Ireland.
Value Added Tax (VAT)
A consumption tax applicable to most goods and services sold in Ireland.
Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT):
A withholding tax imposed on specific construction-related activities in Ireland.
Employers PAYE:
Employers are responsible for deducting the appropriate amounts of income tax, Universal Social Charge (USC), and Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI) from their employees’ pay.


Open A Business Bank Account

Creating a business bank account in Ireland typically necessitates a physical meeting between a bank representative and at least one director if applying to AIB or Bank of Ireland. However, an alternative approach involves initiating an online bank account through providers like Revolut or, with whom we maintain Channel partnerships.

Prior to commencing the process of establishing a company bank account, ensuring possession of the essential company documents is vital. These documents comprise the original certificate of incorporation, the company constitution, and a duplicate of the A1 form. Fundamentally, the setup of a bank account hinges on the company’s effective incorporation.


File a B1 Annual Return

Upon the successful incorporation of your company, a responsibility is established to furnish the Companies Registration Office (CRO) with Annual Returns, even if your business remains inactive.

Determining your company’s Annual Return Date is conveniently achievable through the utilization of the CORE Company Search facility.

During the initial six months following incorporation, the submission of the inaugural Annual Return is obligatory. Presently, there exists no mandate to furnish financial statements at this juncture. Companies are granted a span of 56 days to fulfill all prerequisites associated with the Annual Return. It’s of paramount importance to recognize that significant penalties are levied in the event of missing the stipulated deadline.

With the acquisition of any of our premium packages, we extend the provision of this service, thereby relieving you of the responsibility and ensuring compliance with the deadline.

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