Considering a Company Strike Off?

Are you considering a company strike off? There are a number of considerations for you before you proceed to ensure a smooth process. A Strike off can take time, as there are set procedures to follow, set down by the Companies Registrations Office. A voluntary strike off of your company can be completed as long as assets and liabilities are nil. We perform the strike off by writing to the appropriate Government Departments requesting permission to strike the company off the register. All annual returns must be up to date to perform this process. Once we are engaged to perform this we prepare relevant documents to send to you for signing. These are then Considering a Company Strike Off?returned to us with original signatures. The following is further detail on the steps taken:

  • We ensure all annual returns are up to date and all statutory accounts have been filed.
  • We send a letter to Government Departments in Ireland asking for permission to strike the company off the register.
  • We draft all supporting documentation, Minutes, and Statement of Ceased Trading or the company has never traded.
  • We take advertising in a National Newspaper regarding the Strike Off. (Compulsory) We prepare the documentation & get the Director to sign & return to us for processing.
  • All documents are prepared for signing and sent to you prior to the process starting. The cost of this Strike-off Process INCLUDES advertising costs with a National Newspaper. All Annual Returns are required to be up to date for this process to be filed. If the company has any late fees with the companies registrations office, these will need to be paid and filed also.

This strike off procedure is for companies who have not traded or have no assets on the balance sheet. Failure to make returns to the companies registrations office can result in penalties that accumulate quickly. Failure to dispose of a company in the proper manner can result in legal action by the Director of corporate enforcement and can result in disqualification of being a Director of a company. To get started Click HERE