Cost Effective Company Formation Packages

Cost Effective Company Formation Packages

Looking for cost effective company formation packages is the first port of call for all start ups. We offer a number of cost effective company formation packages and we will take you through how they work for both resident and non-resident directors.

Cost effective Company formation packages vary widely but we have a number of considerations based on a persons budget. We believe that the work should be taken away from the Directors to incorporate, that’s why we process as much of the admin as possible.

How To Incorporate a Company

Once you choose your company formation package and fill in the information on the form and check out, we then assess the information for compliance. In other words, is any information missing. Once we have verified all the information an email is sent to you with attachments in PDF format. Within the email are instructions on what to sign and how to get them back once you email them. The whole process is completely remote. The only time a physical document is required is when a Section 137 Bond is required, and this process is going digital in the coming months. Once we process your documents and the company is incorporated we follow up and fulfill the rest of the package depending on what you choose. Cost Effective Company Formation Packages

Packages are broken down into a Basic, Standard & Premium for both Resident and Non-Resident Directors as follows:

Basic Package.

This incorporates the company only, and it pays any third party fees associated. It includes:

A Certificate of Incorporation
A Constitution Compliant With Companies Act 2014
Share Certificates
Schedule of Company Officers
Online Storage of documents & Account History
FREE Telephone Support
Director and Secretary Booklets
FREE Instant Company Name Check
3 to 5 Day Fast Formation Service
Digital Documents by Email
CRO Third Party Fees Included
3 Month free trial with eFolio Accounts

Standard Package. The standard package includes everything in the Basic Package above including

A Company Seal
A Bound Company Register.

Premium Package This package includes everything in the Basic and Standard, but also includes some other high value items as follows:

Tax Registrations.
First Annual return after 6 months of incorporation
Register of beneficial owners registrations.

Its important to note that the register of beneficial owners registration needs to be completed to open a Bank account in Ireland. The bank will request this document.

We have divided our packages between Irish Residents (Company Formation Packages)  incorporating in Ireland, and Directors that live outside Ireland (Non-Resident Company Formation Packages)