Business Start Up

Starting a business is a very exciting time for anyone. Irish Formations are business start up experts. We can assist you to get your business started under the following areas:

1. Business Name Registration & Company Incorporation.

We will ensure that your information is processed for you, and we will deliver your Business Name & or Company Incorporation documents to you. This is of course our bread & butter business activity, but we also specialise in other areas to help businesses get started too…

2. Branding

The creation of a new brand is a very exciting time for any new business. We can create a powerful brand for you. We use top designers & brand consultants to get the very best brand created. We know that you want a brand that you can be proud of, and that will be recognisable. Just let us know if you want help.

3. Website Design & Website Hosting.

A website is a business critical tool for any business. We can organise a website for you that you will be proud of, and that will communicate your business services to your audience.

 4. Social Media Setup

Social Media has become critically important in today’s business environment. We can set up your Social Media plan, & execute the creation of all necessary accounts, before either handing them over to you, or managing them on your behalf.

* Terms & Conditions apply to these services, and they are outside of our company incorporation packages.