How long to form a company in Ireland?

How long to form a company in Ireland?

How long to form a company in Ireland is one of the most asked questions on the telephone when we are called. It is a leading question as in many cases there isHow long to form a company in Ireland? urgency around owning the company and having it registered. The 3-5 days to incorporate a company are in the most simple cases. Here are the facts:

General CRO Service Level agreement.
The companies registrations office charter states that they will register companies within 5 days. This is where the submission is accurate and conforms to the application rules and is compliant to the companies act. During the first lock down of Covid, the companies registrations were not incorporating companies within the charter, it was taking much longer, and in some cases up to 10 days. In recent times, we are back within the charter timelines.

Is a Non-Resident Bond Required?
If you do not have a company Director resident in the European Economic Area you are required to provide a Non Resident bond which must be in place before the company submission can take place for incorporation.

Is your company name available:
The Companies registrations office will not guarantee a limited company name availability. It must pass through the process of incorporation. Of course we can research the name and advise if its not available or what the chances are of getting a name that you require. This may add a little time (1 day) to the process if it is refused.

Incorrect Information
If a Date on your submission for a date of birth is different to what is on the Photo ID that you submit, the documents need to be re-created. This can add time to the submission. We will however give you every opportunity to check all information before your submission.

We make every effort to ensure that your submission is processed immediately. We process 95% of all work same day once you submit on our website. If you are forming a company we will call you once the order is placed online.