How we manage a Company Formation Package

When a company formation package is booked on our website it immediately goes in to a number of steps to take it through to completion. How we manage a company formation package is critical to the success of our business and the policy and procedure that we implement is communicated across our entire business. We operate strict step by step procedures when a service is purchased through our online portal.

The first step is to check all information is present and available to process the documentation that is emailed out to the client. If there is missing information or if there is a service missing we contact the client within one hour of being in the office when the order comes in. It is our target to get fully prepared information and documentation out to the client for signing same day. The email goes out with PDF attachments that must be signed, and a set of instructions for the client with contact details so the client can contact us by phone if necessary at any time.

As customer care is at the heart of our business we operate support by Phone, Email, and Live Chat. How we manage a Company Formation Package

Once the forms and ID relevant to the service are returned they are checked. If we are operating as Nominee Secretary then they are signed by our Managing Director. ID is stress tested for compliance and if information is required we immediately contact the client to minimize delays. If a Section 137 Non Resident Directors bond is required we put this in place before proceeding to the next stage. The forms are then loaded on to the Company Formation software and we then await a company number.

Once the notification comes back that the company is formed, the process moves on to the next stage. If a name is refused, then we contact the client with a list of options.

How we manage a Company Formation Package never changes. The client comes first at every stage.