Information required to form a company.

Information required to form a company.

There is specific information required to form a company. This information makes up the forms that we use to incorporate your company. We want to make it an easy process for you in all respects and we have put together a quick synopsis of the information you will need when placing your order with us.

Company Name: This is pre-checked for you as there are restrictions on the name requested. You can check the availability of names on our website.

Registered Office Address: A statutory registered office address is required for all companies being incorporated in Ireland. It cannot be a PO box. We offer out this facility HERE

Nature of Business (Description of the activity of your company): We use this to choose a NACE code. This will not restrict your business. It is used to track the activities of companies as they are registered. It is generally used by the central statistics office.

Director Details: Only one director is needed for an Irish Company, although you can have more than one. The following details are required.
• Name
• Date of Birth
• Residential Address
• Country Residing in
• Business Occupation
• Nationality
• Number of shares (Usually 100 overall at €1 per share)

6. Secretary Details (If only 1 Director, the sole Director cannot also be the Secretary, we offer a Nominated Secretary Service also if this is the case. The same details for the Secretary are required as a Director.

7. Shareholders: Share capital in a company is in the form of Authorised Share Capital and Issued Share Capital. It is Issued share capital that is distributed to shareholders, and it ts taken from Authorised Share Capital. Shareholders can be separate to Directors and the Secretary. The Shareholders can be a person or another legal entity (Company) anywhere in the world. The information required to form a company is the same in most Private Limited Companies with Shares but if a company is a shareholder then the company country of incorporation, address, and name are required.