Irish company for UK residents

Irish company for UK residents

If you are considering incorporating an Irish company for UK residents there are a number of considerations that need to be addressed before you start. Incorporating the Irish company for UK residents company is the first of many steps that you need to take to get a foothold in the Irish jurisdiction.

Incorporate with a Solid Constitution.
The Constitution is the cornerstone of your company. Incorrectly scripted, and it can be an offence under the companies act to remunerate anyone in the company. Not only is it important to have a solid constitution for compliance with the Companies act, but also for when other companies whom do business with you do their due diligence on your company. A one page constitution will not suffice here.

Consider your options regarding a Section 137 bond.
If you are incorporating with only Directors residing in the UK, you will require a non-resident directors bond. This bond is not required for when you have at least one Director living in the European Economic Area.

Tax Registrations.
Do you need VAT registration as well as Corporation tax registration? Talk to us about this. We have solutions for companies that require VAT registration in Ireland.

Trading address options.
A trading address is required to be stated on your application to incorporate a company. Having this there from the start can give you an advantage when registering for VAT in Ireland as long as you have all the supporting documentation to provide revenue. We can assist you to stay compliant here, and to provide any supporting documentation you need to assist in registering for VAT.

Consider your options for Banking. We can introduce you to a number of banks and there are many banks in the UK who will discuss the opening of an account for an Irish company.

Timing is everything and we can help you get the job done quickly. A Bond requirement will add time to the entire process. Talk to us about your needs, and we will give you a good idea about how long this entire process will take, the company formation is just one small part.