Keeping your company compliant – A Guide

Keeping your company compliant – A Guide

Keeping your company compliant is essential to ensuring your company is not struck off the register involuntarily. This quick list will guide you through the areas of compliance that need to be met after you create a company in Ireland.

Registered Office:

Keep your registered office registered office up to date and ensure your post is received and managed. Important notifications from Revenue arrive and should be distributed to Directors.Keeping a company compliant - A Guide

Company Secretary:

Endure that your company Secretary is up to date.

Company Registration:

Ensure the company is registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) with a compliant constitution and maintain up-to-date information on directors, & shareholders.

Annual Return:

File an annual return with the CRO, including financial statements, within 28 days of the company’s annual return date. Your first annual return after that incorporation is due in 6 months and does not require statutory accounts.

Financial Statements:

Prepare and submit audited financial statements in accordance with Irish accounting standards with subsequent annual returns.

Tax Returns:

File corporation tax returns with the Revenue Commissioners on time, reporting accurate financial information and paying any applicable taxes.

Company Records: Maintain proper records, including minutes of meetings, resolutions, accounting records, and share register.

Compliance with Laws: Comply with all relevant Irish laws and regulations, including company law, tax laws, and employment laws.

Company Meetings: Hold regular board meetings and general meetings as required by law, with accurate minutes recorded.

Company Changes: Notify the CRO of any significant changes, such as changes in directors, registered office address, or share capital amendments.

Annual General Meeting (AGM): Hold an AGM within 18 months of company incorporation and subsequently at least once every 15 months.

Filing Fees: Pay all required fees to the CRO and other authorities promptly.

Remember, it is essential to seek professional advice and use official resources to ensure ongoing compliance with Irish regulations for your limited company.