New Company Funding Supports

There are a lot of reasons why people are choosing to invest in Ireland. In recent years Ireland has become a hub for growing enterprise among business owners. There are many reasons for this, one of which is new company funding support. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Attractive Tax Rates
  • Young skilled workforce
  • Access to EEA Markets
  • Government supported funding for business start ups.

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, has extended an invitation today to budding entrepreneurs in their early stages and teams. Simon Coveney TD has encouraged start-ups to submit their applications for the Enterprise Ireland Pre-Seed Start Fund. This fund is tailored to provide essential support during the initial phases of new start-up ventures for new companies.

How Much Is The Funding For?

Under the Pre-Seed Start Fund (PSSF), a convertible loan note (CLN) worth up to €100,000 is on offer. This initiative welcomes inventive start-ups from all sectors. It is placing a special emphasis on areas like manufacturing, life sciences, food, and renewables.

What Is The Purpose Of The Funding?

The purpose of this funding is to furnish entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses with indispensable early-stage financial backing. This facilitates the evaluation of market feasibility for their products and services and in addition driving the development of business strategies for a global stage. The funding is to help these enterprises. It helps achieve pivotal, technical, and commercial milestones required to attract subsequent seed funding within a timeframe of six to 18 months.

This initiative is just one of the several precise and targeted strategies employed by Enterprise Ireland as part of its overarching mission to cultivate and bolster an augmented influx of new high-growth start-up companies across Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland Website can provide more information.

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