Non-Resident Company Formation Packages

Prices INCLUDE C.R.O &
Signature Fees. All prices are
exclusive of VAT at 21%

  • Verified Identity Number (VIN) for Foreign Residents
    The VIN number is required for all Directors incorporating a company. We manage this new legislation and acquire it for you as our first provcedure. Its included in the cost of the package adding more value to your incorporation.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
    You will receive the original Certificate of Incorporation together with copy of completed statutory A1 form which we submit to the CRO and both these documents will be available for you to download at any time in the future. This is the official certificate that is issued by the CRO once a company has been incorporated. It is normally held at the registered address at all times.
  • Constitution Compliant With Companies Act 2014
    The Constitution is the charter establishing the company, and providing the specific authority and powers to trade, invest and borrow. Our Constitution is Compliant with the Companies Act 2014 and activates all necessary sections.
  • Free Remote Bank Account Opening
    We provide online remote bank account opening as part of every company formation.
  • Share Certificates
    These are certificates issued to you outlining the allocation of shares within the company, and how the shares are allotted.
  • Solicitor Signature Fees
    We will ensure that your incorporation is witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths. All incorporations must be witnessed, and not all Company Incorporation websites offer this service. With Irish Formations it is included.
  • Schedule of Company Officers
    This is a list of all officers within the company. The document outlines the Officers Name, Position within the company, and their contact details.
  • Logon with full Account History
    We keep a complete history of all the products and services you purchase in your account. We also update the status of the product so you can track its progress. This facility is particularly useful for Volume users.
  • FREE Telephone Support
  • Director and Secretary Booklets
    We will provide PDF documents to you outlining Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders powers and responsibilities.
  • Secure Online Document Storage
    Your incorporation submission documents are stored online for you to retrieve them whenever you wish. All you need to do is log in and download them.
  • FREE Instant Company Name Check
    When you submit your First choice name and your second choice name, we will ensure that the names are available with the Companies Registration Office, and that your chosen name qualifies under the Companies Registration Office rules.
  • 3 to 5 Day Fast Formation Service
    Irish Formations are a registered formations agency with the Companies Registrations office. We use industry software to submit your application to the CRO, and as a registered Formations Agency, this will be returned to us within three to five days.
  • Digital Documents by Email
    When you purchase a company incorporation online, we assemble original documents for you to sign & return to us. All incorporations must include a record with original signatures. We will email these for you to print & sign with all your information included within the form.
  • CRO Third Party Fees Included
    All prices you see on our website include third party fees from the Companies Registration Office.
  • 3 Month free trial with eFolio Accounts
    Visit for an easy to use bookkeeping package where you can manage your invoicing, bookkeeping, and VAT reports with ease.
  • Company Seal
    Official documentation, for example share certificates, must be embossed with a company seal beside officer’s signatures. As part of our Standard & Premium Company Formation Packages, Irish formations includes a company seal. Our company seals are a 38mm in diameter round seal. They can emboss paper up to 120 gsm and can contain up to fifty characters in the seal.
  • Bound Company Register
    We can supply your company with a Company Register which includes: Share Certificates Minute Pages . Register of Directors interests. Register of all Directors and Secretaries. Register of debentures; register of all officers. Register of Mortgages. Register of Share transfers. Register of share applications and allotments. Official documentation, for example share certificates are contained within the Register book. All company minutes are recorded in the minute book. This comes with the Premium Pack.
  • Tax Registration
    We will prepare the paperwork for you to register for Tax and include it with your documentation once your company is incorporated. This is included with the Premium Pack only.
  • First Annual Return
    Every company in Ireland is obliged to submit an annual return to the Companies Registration Office no later than 28 days after its registered annual return date. A company’s first annual return must be made no later than 6 months after its incorporation, and every 12 months thereafter. Your first annual return is included under the Premium Pack. We will remind you when your first annual return is due.
  • FREE Registeration on Beneficial Owners Register
    Every company in Ireland is obliged to submit a registration to the Register Of Beneficial Owners within 5 months of incorporation.
  • Referral to an Accountant (Optional)
    Irish Formations will include a referral to an Accountant with every Premium Pack. The Accountant can quote for year one compliance work. A meeting may be necessary to determine the work involved.
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