Opening a bank account for an Irish Company

Opening a bank account for an Irish Company

When planning the incorporation of a company an item on everyone’s list both in Ireland and outside Ireland is the opening of a bank account. If you follow the correct steps the process of doing this will be much easier. Opening a bank account for an Irish Company

We can introduce you to two retail banks in Ireland and also two online banks. It is our policy to work and discuss this with the banks rather than making a blind introduction once you are incorporated. We refer you to two online banks that we are channel partners with, once your company is incorporated. and offer excellent online services and the process is completely remote. We will send you a link that you will use with your company number to process the bank account opening process if you ask us to introduce you.

Another option is for you to approach either or the two main retail banks in Ireland yourself with your Irish Company. You can ask about remote opening with these banks too but they are more restrictive.

You can talk to your own bank about the possibility of opening a bank account in your own country with your newly incorporated Irish Company. Many of our clients will go back to their own banks abroad to discuss opening a Euro account and many are successful. This is a real option for many.

An updated submission to the Register of beneficial owners should be completed before you apply for banking in Ireland. It is now the policy of nearly all banks that they will not process an application unless this is completed. Be prepared to get this done or talk to us about administering this on your behalf.

Its important to prepare your Photo ID and Proof of address in accordance with the banks requirements. Banks are trust or company service providers and are required to identify who you are in accordance with Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing legislation.

If you require any information on opening a bank account in Ireland or are interested in getting set up to make the process easier, call us on +353214217322 or email us.