Preparing to register a company for 2022.

Preparing to register a company for 2022.

If you have decided to incorporate and are preparing to register a company for 2022 the there are a number if considerations to make the process smooth. The many steps involved to get a company trade ready is where we come in. Working with thousands of companies all over the world, we have refined the process depending on our clients needs. In many cases our clients have done the research, but need to clarify a number of issues relating to their personal circumstances. Most clients wish to get the entire process completed remotely but wish to visit Ireland to open a Bank account. We bring our clients through all these issues to make the process an easier one. Preparing to register a company for 2022 should start now.Preparing to register a company for 2022

What you will need.

A registered office will be required for the company which can be provided on a monthly or annual basis.

You may wish to have your trading address listed on the Company Formation documents which is a separate address to the Registered office address or you may wish to state that this is outside Ireland. A separate trading address can be provided for you which is different to your Registered office address.

One Director and one Secretary for a Private Limited company with shares is needed. If you do not have someone to provide a Secretary, we can provide one on an annual basis in Nominee.

You will need to outline who the Shareholders are on the Constitution. We script your constitution to activate all elements of the companies act that are required to be activated on the constitution. It is highly recommended that you do not run with a one page constitution only outlining the subscribers.


All orders and information are submitted on our website Once placed they are checked and documents in most cases are emailed same day or next working day morning. They are then signed and returned by email and uploaded immediately once they come in accompanied by the relevant ID.

Aligning your Year End

The year end of a company is generally 12 months after incorporation and there are a number of ways that this can be amended. Financial accounts are required to be submitted no longer than 18 months after incorporation. For more technical information on this visit the CRO website page on Financial year End.


Irish Formations have unique relationships with Banks in Ireland. We can refer you to two online banks that we are channel partners with once your company is incorporated. and We will send you a link that you will use with your company number to process the bank account opening process. Clients can also approach either or the two main retail banks in Ireland with your Irish Company. Ask about remote opening. You can also talk to your own bank about the possibility of opening a bank account in Ireland with your newly incorporated Irish Company.

The Next steps

If you have questions on the process don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your specific needs. The first step is to provide the information through our website. Once this is completed we move quickly to start the process.