Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company (PLC) is set up where the company intends to get itself publicly listed on the Stock Exchange. This is done so that the company can offer its shares out to the general public.

A PLC must have a minimum of seven members, the value of the allotted Share Capital must be not less than €38,092.00. ¼ of this allotted share capital must be fully paid up before the PLC can start business, or exercise any borrowing.

PLC’s have many of the characteristics of Private Limited Companies. Stocks in PLC’s are freely transferable, and can be bought & sold quickly. There is no restriction on the maximum number of shareholders a PLC can have. PLC’s that operate in an environment where they are not publicly listed on the stock exchange must still operate Under Irish Legislation.

PLC’s like Private Limited Companies, have Memorandum & Articles of Association which set out the objectives, and the rules of the company.

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