Reasons to Incorporate a company in Ireland

Reasons to Incorporate a company in Ireland.

There are many reasons to incorporate a company in Ireland. We get calls every day to discuss client needs, and the reasons vary. Its not only to access the lowReasons to Incorporate a company in Ireland Corporate tax rate on profits. Ireland is the only English Speaking country within the Eurozone.

Brexit has provided many opportunities for Ireland and is a key country for UK companies looking to get access to European Markets.

Irelands Corporate Tax Rate continues to be one of the lowest in the world at 12.5% on profits.

There is a very Low Share Capital Requirement when incorporating a company in Ireland. Many jurisdictions require a very high share capital requirement but when incorporating in Ireland the Issued shares par value can be set for a small value. Shares in an Irish Company are managed between Authorized Shares and Issued Shares. Issued shares are issued to subscribers or shareholders, and are taken from Authorized shares. Generally, they are set at a par value of 0ne Euro. 1,000,000 Authorized shares are authorized and 100 issued shares are allocated to subscribers.

Ireland has generous Research and Development Tax Credits. The tax credit gives the company up to 25 percent of your Research & Development expenditure for both revenue and capital in tax credits or in cash. Certain conditions must be met as part of the application.

Ireland is one of the easiest places to do business. It has been the goal for successive Governments in Ireland to make Ireland an easy place to do business. One of the biggest successes was the introduction of the 2014 companies act in 2015. This consolidated 17 Companies acts  to make Ireland attractive. It reduces significant unnecessary bureaucracy.

Access into European Markets has become important especially to UK companies. The Irish Government wants investment in Ireland so a real investment locally is what’s sought. If you want to understand what is required to get access into Europe and Ireland get in contact with us to find out more.