Remote bank account opening for an Irish company

Remote bank account opening for an Irish company

Remote bank account opening for an Irish company is now available via Irish Formations and This is particularly useful if you have a company in Ireland and you want to open a bank account for your company without having to visit Ireland immediately.

We have been working with Fire Financial services now for 3 years and our clients have found them to be extremely professional to deal with. Once your Irish Company has been formed, we refer clients to Fire Financial Services through their website, and the account opening procedure starts. If Irish Formations are a nominee Secretary for a company, we will appear on the application automatically when you are processing your information.

So how does it work?
Our clients first engage us to form the company for them. They process the company information through one of our packages online. We then incorporate the company, and they are then referred on to Fire Financial Services, or another bank if required. Once the account application has been processed, and the account is open, a MasterCard can then be applied for.

A Fire business account is a digital account. It is used primarily to execute bank transfers, debit card purchases and payments to/from personal Fire users. There is no facility to lodge cash and cheques are not supported. The account is suitable for limited companies, unincorporated entities and sole traders. Registration is open to businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom or Ireland. are the only financial institution that Irish Formations work with who can process an account opening remotely.

For further information about this or any of our company formation packages, please contact us on the link at the top of this page. If you have an Irish Company and do not have a banking solution don’t hesitate to contact us.