Remote Opening a company in Ireland

Remote Opening a company in Ireland.

Irish Formations specialise in remote opening a company in Ireland and have designed all our services to perform this for clients. There are some services that need a Director to visit in person and this article is designed to take you through how it works. For the most part the services including a bank account can be completed remotely.

The Company Formation
The information to generate company documents is entered into our website so we can prepare all the documentation for you. This is generally completed within the same day or the next working day. This is emailed out to you via PDF so you can review and sign the documents. They need to be posted back to us as this is the only way to incorporate a company in Ireland. The Irish Government will not accept scans of documents and origional documents are required. Once we receive these documents we assemble them and submit them to the Companies Registrations Office and the company is incorporated within 3-5 working days.

Once the company is incorporated we receive a Digital Certificate of incorporation which is issued to you immediately so you can start the process of opening a bank account.

The Tax Registration
Registration for various taxes can only be completed once the company is formed and we have a company number. We start the process of registering you for Corporation tax and we then refer you to an Accountant if requested to discuss your future compliance.

Legal Documents
All incorporations come with a Digital Pack of legal documents. Included in these packs are (Non Resident Pack & Premium Pack):
Certificate of Incorporation
Memo & Arts/Company Constitution Compliant With Companies Act 2014
Share Certificates
Company Seal
Company Register
Schedule of Company Officers
Directors & Secretary Booklets

First Annual Return
The First Annual Return is a statement of information to the companies registrations office which is required to be made exactly 6 months after incorporation. It is important to note that this is required to be made regardless if you are trading or not. This service is included in our Premium Pack (For Irish Resident Clients) and our Non-Resident Package (For anyone living outside Ireland)

Irish Formations has recently partnered with Revolut. As a referring partner Revolut know Irish Formations and are familiar with our company formation process and they have a completely remote solution for applying for a bank account. This application is all online once your company is incorporated.

Continued Compliance