Shelf Company

What Is a Shelf Company

A Ready Made shelf company is where the company is already incorporated and can be handed over to new officers and shareholders. These companies have been non trading for a period. There are many reasons why Directors would require a ready made company.

  • There are no delays in receiving a company number. You can acquire a company number usually within 24 hours and in many cases same day.
  • Tax planning benefits may arise if you are trading as a Sole Trader or Partnership with a company that has been previously incorporated.
  • A company incorporated in the past may give more credibility with suppliers, prospects or customers.
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Many organizations and individuals require a shelf company as they need to sign a contract with a company. The contract would be governed by a company that was incorporated in the past. The changes for Shareholders, Directors and Secretary can all have an effective date in the past.

Acquiring a ready made company presents a multitude of potential advantages tailored to your precise business goals and circumstances.


Time Efficiency

Shelf companies are pre-established entities reserved for potential buyers. Opting for a shelf company enables you to bypass the laborious process of initiating a new company from the ground up. This is particularly beneficial if swift company establishment is pivotal for capitalizing on a business opportunity or signing a contract.


Perceived Experience and Stability

An established company can convey a sense of endurance and reliability to clients, suppliers, and financial institutions. This could potentially fortify your business’s standing and credibility.


Contractual Bidding

Certain contracts or projects may necessitate a company with a more extensive operating history. Acquiring a shelf company with a substantial track record could fulfill this prerequisite.


Banking and Financial Relationships

Well-established companies might confront fewer hurdles when initiating bank accounts and forming financial connections, crucial for seamless business operations.


Foreign Market Entry

When expanding your business internationally to Ireland or any foreign jurisdiction, a pre-existing Irish company could streamline the process of market entry and local business pursuits.


Privacy Considerations

The use of a shelf company could confer a level of privacy, as your personal information might not be immediately linked to the company’s past activities.


Legal and Tax Benefits

Depending on your specific circumstances and prevailing Irish tax regulations, adopting an existing company could yield legal or tax advantages. Engaging legal and financial experts is pivotal to comprehensively grasp these potential benefits.


Branding and Identity

If the shelf company’s name aligns with your business objectives, you can conserve valuable time and effort in branding and establishing name recognition.

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How It Works

File the order form for the Ready Made Company Package.

We will Change Directors and Secretary of the company.

We can also change the company name if required.

We can provide a Registered Office address or change the Registered office address for you.
This address must be in Ireland.

Payment for a Shelf company is in advance of processing documentation and supply of the company details.