Shelf Company or Register a New Company?

Shelf Company or Register a New Company?

There are many reasons why a shelf company is the best option when deciding to purchase either a shelf company or register a new company. In many instances a shelf company is sought purely for speed of service but there are many reasons why a newly incorporated company is a much better option. Purchase a Shelf Company or Register a New Company?

What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is one that is already registered on the Register of companies. The company formation process is complete and it has a Limited Company name and Incorporation date.

Why consider a Shelf Company?

The incorporation date interests some because the requirement for a company includes an incorporation date prior to a particular date. This requirement to have an older company can be for many reasons. One reason might be that they need to sign a contract on a particular date to purchase a building for example. Another reason is that a Contract may need to be active from a date in the past and the contract may need to be linked to a limited company with an incorporation date in the past also. Speed of delivery may also be a consideration.

What about Due Diligence?

When clients contact us regarding a shelf company we always flag the fact that if they will be under heavy due-dilligence from prospect clients then they will see the old officers and shareholders on the register of companies. We do this to let them know that this may pose an issue for some but will not for most. Any documents being submitted to the Companies Registrations Office can have an effective date on them going back to the date of incorporation which usually satisfies all parties.

Why consider a new company formation?

It only has the new officers and shareholders listed on the CCRO. A new company formation package will also have morre value. It comes with added services, for example, Tax Registration, First Annual Return and also RBO registration.

How quickly can a Shelf company be handed over.

Shelf companies can be immediately transferred for use of the CRO number. However, documents to change Officers and Shareholders will take time to process as this is done by the CRO. We process forms next day or same day of order.