Single Director Company

Single Director Company Directors of Limited Companies incorporated before 01st June 2015 need to consider their Company Designation and Converting Requirements under the Companies Act 2014 which was commenced into law on 01 June 2015. It is now possible to convert your company to a single director company If private limited companies do not act… Read More »

Information to form a company in Ireland

Information to form a company in Ireland Since the new Companies Act 2014 came into force on 01st June 2015 there have been some changes to the information that is required to form a new company. Many of the changes that have been made to form a company have been very positive. So what information… Read More »

Publishing your Company Name – What information goes on Letterhead

It is important to know what information goes on letterheads, Emails, Order forms and promissory notes from a company. Every company incorporated under the Companies Act 1963 – 2012 is required to publish its name on the outside of every office and place which its business is carried out, and it must be legible in… Read More »

Customer service driven growth.

Generally, when planning for the growth of a business, customer service seems to be either a given, or an after thought in many businesses. Many of us feel we know what our customers want, and nearly all of us are surprised when we drill down into the details of satisfying our customer needs. Good Customer… Read More »