Company Formation with Limited Liability

Company Formation with Limited Liability in Ireland By Wiebke Wolter Before starting your business in Ireland you have to decide what type of entity you require, i.e. whether you would like to trade as a Sole Trader/Partnership, Limited Company or Unlimited Company. A very important aspect influencing this decision is the one regarding the limitation… Read More »

Setting up a business

Setting up a business for the first time can be a daunting prospect if you have not done it before. If you have decided to set up a new business there are a number of considerations for you to think about. Firstly, will you set up the business as a sole trader or as a… Read More »

CRO figures for 2012 are now published.

CRO figures for 2012 are now published. CRO figures for 2012 are now published. The Companies Registration Office is the central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names. There have been some interesting results in this report which was published in the last few days. One of the most interesting figures from… Read More »

Locating a business in Cork

A frequent question we get when foreign clients call us is “tell me about Cork”. We see this as our chance to to really profile cork as a great place to do business. If you are thinking of moving or starting your business in Ireland, consider locating your business in Cork. Cork is located in the… Read More »

Customer service driven growth.

Generally, when planning for the growth of a business, customer service seems to be either a given, or an after thought in many businesses. Many of us feel we know what our customers want, and nearly all of us are surprised when we drill down into the details of satisfying our customer needs. Good Customer… Read More »

Thinking of starting a new business?

We found this great video for anyone just thinking about starting their own business. It asks a great question; “What would you do if you knew you would not fail.”