Company Designation and Converting Requirements under the Companies Act 2014

Company Designation and Converting Requirements under the Companies Act 2014 The new companies act 2014 came into law on 01st June 2014. There were many reasons why the companies act was consolidated, but one of the main reasons was to help make Ireland one of the easiest places to do business in the world. Directors… Read More »

Company Secretary duties

Company Secretary duties By: Wiebke Wolter A Company Secretary duties is a required function for every company that is registered under the Companies Act 1963-2013 in Ireland. The Secretary can either be an individual or a body corporate (but not to itself). The immediate disclosure of the Secretaries personal information such as name, address, and… Read More »

Changing a Director in a Company

Changing a Director in a Company. From time to time it may necessary to retire or appoint a new company director. Changing a director in a company can be done relatively quickly. Currently all companies are required to have two Directors in a company, but legislation has been published which will change this. Once the… Read More »

Publishing your Company Name – What information goes on Letterhead

It is important to know what information goes on letterhead, Emails, Order forms and promissery notes from a company. Every company incorporated under the Companies Act 1963 – 2012 is required to publish its name on the outside of every office and place which its business is carried out, and it must be legible in… Read More »

Your responsibilities as a company director.

If you are a company director, or if you are about to become a company director, and are in the process of setting up a company in Ireland, its important to know your responsibilities. Company directors’ responsibilities are wide and diverse. Their duties arise primarily from two sources: statute (i.e. Acts of the Oireachtas and… Read More »