How long does it take to form a limited company?

It takes between 2 and 5 days to get you a company number. One of the most common questions we are asked is; How long does it take to form a limited company? Forming a Limited company is only one part of the process, and depending on your needs, it can take differing times. Getting… Read More »

Tips on choosing a business name.

One of your biggest battles in business is to make the decision making process of your customers to use or buy your services, short & efficient. A good business name will help this.  One of the first questions anyone asks when setting up a new business is, “What am I going to call it?” Unless… Read More »

Customer service driven growth.

Generally, when planning for the growth of a business, customer service seems to be either a given, or an after thought in many businesses. Many of us feel we know what our customers want, and nearly all of us are surprised when we drill down into the details of satisfying our customer needs. Good Customer… Read More »