Tax Registration

Tax Registration By: Wiebke Wolter One important point in setting up a business in Ireland is to consider the Tax Registrations you are obliged to make. It is strongly recommended to get familiar with the Irish Tax system before you start your business as you have to register for and pay several taxes once your… Read More »

Moving from Sole Trader or Partnership to a Limited Company

We are contacted by many Sole Traders and Partnerships who are considering the move to limited company. Your main consideration for moving to a limited liability company is to protect the Directors/shareholders with Limited Liability which is not afforded to Sole Traders or Partnerships in Ireland. Know your responsibilities as a Company Director or Company Secretary.… Read More »

Thinking of starting a new business?

Starting a business is a daunting, but very exciting experience. Everyone wants to get an advantage when starting a new venture. Its critical that you get as much information as possible when considering to go out on your own. Make an informed decision about what you are going to specialise in, and how you are… Read More »