Virtual Office Ireland

Virtual Office CorkIf you require a Virtual Office in Ireland, Irish Formations can set your business up with its own Virtual Office Address and phone number which you can also use as a registered office for your company.

Virtual Office Benefits

  • Provide a prestigious business address instead of your home address
  • Keep your company post and calls away from your home by signing up for our service.
  • Never miss a call again with our call answering, and voicemail by email service after hours.
  • Get your post scanned and emailed out to you every morning.

Choose from our 3 Virtual Office packages and get set up today.

All prices are
exclusive of VAT at 21%

  • Voicemail Out Of Hours Set Up & Access
    Set up or listen to your voicemail 24 Hours a day with our Cloud Telephony Services.
  • Telephone Number Anywhere in Ireland
    Get a local telephone number which we will divert or answer for you under your company name. Get the area code of your choice.
  • Live Call Answering & Forwarding To Your Phone
    We can answer calls in your company name under our Phone Answering and Premium Virtual Office packages.
  • Calls Answered In Your Company Name
  • Messages Sent By Email.
    Messages can be sent to you by email
  • Fax By Email Service
    Get Fax to your email
  • Postal Mail & Deliveries Signed For
    Our receptionists will sign for your secure deliveries.
  • Use as Trading Address
    Put our address on your letterhead and business cards. A registered office with virtual office is a great way to save.
  • Use Of Registered Office Address
    Companies incorporating in Ireland must have a Registered office address by Law.
  • Postal Mail Scanned & Emailed
    Any post that arrives is logged, scanned, and then emailed to you at an email address of your choice.

Registered Office

€45(per month)
€45(per month)
  • €240

Phone Answering

€60(per month)
€60(per month)
  • €585

Registered Office

€70(per month)
€70(per month)
  • €700