What is a First Annual Return?

What is a First Annual Return?

When talking to Directors who want to incorporate a company, many of them ask us; what is a first annual return (FAR)? The FAR needs to be completed electronically whether the company is trading or not. The FAR is a return of information about the company and records any changes to the company Directors, Shareholders, Officers and also required some further information.First Annual Return

The annual return must not be delivered no more than 28 days after the effective date. Companies have 28 days from the date of the annual return as listed on the register. If the return date is a Saturday or Sunday, then the return date is pushed out to the next working day. Where financial statements are required to be attached to the return, the filing deadline is either the company’s annual return date plus 28 days or the company’s financial year-end plus nine months and 28 days, wherever is the earlier.

The FAR updated the register with regard to changed in officers and Shareholders and goes on the public record. Information on Political donations on this submission are also made.

Our Premium Pack, and Non-Resident Package include the filing of the FAR to the value of €150.00+VAT. You can also engage us to do your first annual return and if you have a second annual return required to be filed please contact us to discuss this.

To process your first annual return click HERE.