What to consider when registering a company in Ireland

We are contacted by business people all over the world and one of the main questions is what to consider when registering a company in Ireland. Once your company is incorporated you will need to consider your future compliance. This article is a guide to bringing you through this. Many areas of this article will not apply to everyone as your future compliance is different depending on your activity.

Company Formation
Forming a company is the first step to establishing yourself in Ireland. Once we hold your information about the company we email you signature pages that you sign & return. The company will be incorporated within 3-5 working days.

Registered Office
On our company formation form you will indicate if you require your registered office at our address. Every company in Ireland is required to have a registered office within the state.

Number of Officers
Each company in Ireland must have a minimum of 2 officers for a Limited Company, a Director and a Secretary. We can act as Secretary in a nominee capacity but not Director.

The basic share structure we see is 100 issued shares valued at €1 each.

Tax Registration
Our Non-Resident and Premium Package include the registration for Corporation tax in Ireland and our Premium Pack only includes registration for VAT in Ireland. You will need to register for corporation tax if you have a transaction on your company bank account.

First Annual Return
This is a return of information that is made 6 months after incorporation. We include this in our Premium and Non-Resident Pack. We will contact you to do this by email when it is due. Late fees apply and possible loss of Audit exemption if you are late with this return.

PPS numbers
Persona Public Service numbers are required for Directors in cases where they own more than 15% of the shares in a company. We can apply for these on request.

Register of beneficial Owners.
The Central Register of Beneficial Owners was put in place to improve corporate trust and transparency in Ireland and the EU. The main aim of the register is to deter money laundering and terrorist financing and to help sanction those who attempt to hide beneficial owners of legal entities for the purpose of illegal activity. Every company in Ireland is required to make a filing to the register to identify the Ultimate benificial owners of the company.