White Label Company Formation Ireland

Irish Formations work with partners around the world looking for white label company formation Ireland services. The reason we are a favored service provider to our clients is the speed in which we react to client needs. Any of our packages can be used as a white label package but, its important that your account is formed in the right manner to allow your order to be processed as a white Label partner. White Label Company Formation Ireland

Why Outsource Company Formation Services?

Our White Label client partners are mainly Accountants and Legal firms who want to focus on other areas of their business. Billable time and maximizing it is a key goal of firms. They know that outsourcing a company formation is the best use of their time so they can concentrate on providing the services their clients need.

Will Irish Formations consult on each incorporation?

Yes. We get calls from clients requiring specific information on a company formation, or may have circumstances where they need to discuss for e.g. Directors, or specific requirements regarding share classes etc.

What if we wish to visit your office?

We have two offices here in Cork. Our clients can visit us anytime! Our most recent office providing Shared Workspace and Boardroom rental is now opened and called VO Connect.

Will I have an Account Manager?

Yes, our team work closely with all clients and we can allocate an account manager to your account. What’s more, they will talk you through your online account and you will be able to track the progress of your formation.

How does Irish Formations process help me and my client?

White Label Company Formations require speed and we can provide that. Customers receive phone calls and emails where we will talk them through the process.

Treating a shelf company as a White label

You can treat a shelf company as a White Label. Shelf company owners often need to change names from past officers or effective dates. We can take you through the entire white label shelf company procedure. Give us a call to discuss white label company formation Ireland services.