Why Choose Us To Incorporate?

Why Choose Us to Incorporate? We Do Business All Over The World.

Each Marker indicates a country we do business in.

Remote Bank account opening

We provide all our company formation clients the availability to open a bank account online. We position your company so when banks do their application process you have the very best formation in place, including the Register Of Beneficial owners, a requirement to open an account. We include this for free.

Nominee Company Secretary

We can act as your company Secretary so you can be a single Director in your company.

Free trial Accounting Software.

Anyone who forms a company with us gets a 3 month free trial to eFolio Accounts.

Free Support

We provide post formation support and advice to all clients regardless of the pack they take.

Our price

We understand that being competitive in the marketplace is important. This is why we give MORE, for LESS. We have packed our formations packages with everything you need to get started. We even offer unlimited downloads of your documents once your company is incorporated FREE of charge.

We do the paperwork

The reality of processing Company Formations and registering business names, is that it is laborious. We can offer our services for a lower cost because we are doing this every day in volume and we are knowledgeable and efficient when it comes to processing this documentation. That’s why we say, let us do the paperwork!

We are an independent company formations agency

Irish Formations is independent company formations agency. We give independent advice on forming companies in Ireland. This means you can trust us to give you the best of advice when it comes to setting up your business.

It’s a Simple process

We have spent a lot of time simplifying the application process, and translating these processes for all our products. We have created our simple forms so you spend less time filling out forms, registering business names and administering your required secretarial process.

What Makes us the best at what we do?

Irish Formations have over 30 years experience in business, and know what it takes to process your application, in a secure, and speedy manner. We offer our services world wide to people who want to set up business in Ireland.

Our experience

We are Accountants and Business Development Consultants who have the experience to process all your forms with professionalism, speed,  and in a secure environment.

We give you choice

We give a choice of three formations packages, which is unprecedented in the Irish Marketplace. This caters for all budgets and requirements. Volume accounts get upgraded FREE of charge.

Our secure technology

Our process uses the latest technology, from our web form process, to our Secure Payment process with Realex. Our online servers are always kept up to date, so your important information is always available to you. Our servers have a 99.9% up time guarantee.

Keep your account history

When you take an account with us we will keep all your history available for you to review 24/7. This keeps you in control.

Secure payment processing with Stripe

Stripe is a leading world wide online payment gateway, providing a range of payment processing services for businesses selling online.

We support Irish business

Not only is Irish Formations 100% Irish owned, and run in Ireland, we support Irish Business, and are supplied by Irish business where possible.