Choosing A Company Name

We will so the research to ensure that your company name is accepted. When choosing a Limited Company name in Ireland, a few considerations must be made. The Choice of company name is only approved by the Companies Registration office once they have checked to ensure it is:

  1. Available: It must not be the same as or similar to another company name.
  2. Not State Affiliated. It must not suggest that the company is affiliated with the State or an organisation run by the state. For example, a Car Dealership cannot call itself the Department of Motors.
  3. Offensive. Any names that are deemed offensive will not be accepted.

A number on its own is not a sufficient distinguisher for a Limited Company Name. Other restrictions regarding Limited Company name registration are as follows:

  • The work “Bank” can only be used with the permission of the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • The word assurance, Insurance cannot be used without permission of the Central Bank.
  • If you want to use the words “Group”, “Holdings” or “International”, the CRO may ask for further clarification around the nature of the business.

Remember, once you have registered your Limited Company Name, you can register a business Name and trade with that Name. This process gives you much more freedom with marketing a business name. If you are setting up as a Sole Trader, or Partnership, any business name may be registered. Restrictions are in place where names are trademarked.