How our Company Formation process works

How our  company formation process works.

One of the most common questions we are asked is how our company formation process works. When we started this business we wanted to do a number of things to ensure our service is second to none. We started by designing a procedure on paper that is completed for every service we provide. This ensures that every formation we complete is done quickly, and efficiently.

The process starts by the user choosing the package they require. Often this means calling us first to ensure that they have chosen the correct package, and it suites their needs. The user checks the availability of the name on the front of the website and starts the short process of entering the information onto the website after logging in or taking a free account.

Once our new client process’ the information online the system notifies our team immediately and the process of checking the information starts. If we are missing anything or have a query we contact the client within the hour. Documents by email are generated with instructions and are prepared to be emailed out to the new client. Full instructions are enclosed, and this email comes out to the client same day if we receive the information before lunch, or the following morning if after lunch. These documents need to be printed, and signed and returned to us. When we receive them and all are in order the company can be incorporated within 3-5 working days.

Once incorporated, the next part of the procedure can start, the generation of the company formation pack, and the registration of the company for Taxes as indicated by the client. We also prepare as much information for the first annual return as possible but this is not finalized until after the 6 months of incorporation.