Reasons to incorporate in Ireland

If your considering where you will locate your company, there are many reasons to incorporate in Ireland and base your business here. With the United Kingdom leaving the EurReasons to incorporate in Irelandopean Union,  Ireland is  positioned  to  be  a strategic location to form and operate a company.

Ireland is Europe’s Fastest Growing Economy. The Irish Economy grew by 7.8% of GDP in 2017 according to information released by Irelands Central Statistics Office. This makes Ireland the EU’s fastest growing economy for the fourth year in a row.

Ireland is a Global Technology Centre. Companies considering Ireland are drawn to technology hot spots as they want to access talent, ideas and good third level institutions. Post Brexit, Ireland will be the biggest English Speaking country in the European Union. English speaking countries obviously find this an advantage when doing business.

Incorporating in Ireland gives companies access to over 500 million consumers in Europe. Coupled with this, Ireland is considered in the top ten countries in the world to do business. It has been the goal of the Irish Government to position Ireland in this way for many years. For example, it is very easy to make amendments to Shareholders, Directors, and share structures in a company. A company has a greater ability to raise finance through the structure and sale of shares within the company. A very low share capital can be set up at the point of incorporation. Some countries insist that a large share capital is required. There is also limited liability on shareholders. Their risk is to the amount they invest in the company. The consolidation to the 2014 Companies Act in Ireland provides for this.

Taxation is a huge consideration for companies looking for reasons to incorporate in Ireland. Ireland has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in Europe at 12.5%. Ireland also offers generous Research & Development tax credits. See out Corporation Tax Comparison chart HERE.