You formed a company in Ireland What now?

So you formed a company in Ireland. What now? Even if you are thinking of forming a company in Ireland we understand that you will need support once your company is incorporated. Support is provided in many ways.

Firstly, you will need support to create a relationship with the Bank in Ireland. We have established relationships with all the major banks in Ireland and work to provide a remote opening facility for all our clients. Many of our clients require a bank account in Ireland but some clients make applications to banks outside Ireland. In these cases a set of Apostille Documents for your company will be required. This is something we can organise within 48 hours.

So you formed a limited company. What now?

Secondly you will need advise on how to keep your company compliant from a Revenue and CRO (Companies Registrations Office) perspective. On our Non-Resident and Premium Packages we organise a complaince meeting with an Accountant who is also a certified tax advisor and statutory auditor. This one hour meeting takes you through an agenda of how to keep the company compliant. For example, what are the important returns dates for your company, the compliance on the year end, Annual returns information and much more. It can be completed on Skype, or on the telephone, or on a personal visit. We are happy to host this meeting in our boardroom.

Company Documents are also drafted by the Government and by ourselves and shipped to you via DHL. A digitally signed certificate of incorporation is emailed to all clients once your company is incorporated and this is sent by you to the bank on request. The following forms are stored by us and sent to you;

Certificate of Incorporation
Memo & Arts/Company Constitution
Share Certificates
Schedule of Company Officers
Directors & Secretary Booklets
Digital Documents by Email
Company Seal

Compliant bookkeeping software is also required by many of our clients. We have partnered with to provide clients with a SaaS solution to assist in your bookkeeping and invoicing requirements.  This software gives you the ability to manage all bookkeeping and accounts as well as VAT reporting and Invoicing as well as much more.

We assist clients in many ways once incorporated from transferring shares, to making amendments to companies from changing officers to changes in the company constitution. We work with third parties like banks, government investment agencies, tax advisors, and corporate lawyers to get our clients the best advice. If you are thinking of incorproating a company, get in contact with us on the telephone number at the top of this page or send us an email.