Information to form a company in Ireland

Information to form a company in Ireland

Since the new Companies Act 2014 came into force on 01st June 2015 there have been some changes to the information that is required to form a new company. Many of the changes that have been made to form a company have been very positive. So what information is required?

1. The Company Name. The availability of the company can be checked on our website. We will do a deep check of the availability of the name, and will be able to assist you if it is not available. The CRO check this and report back to us if changes need to be made. Take our checking tool on our website as a guide.

2. Company Type. There are additional types, but the most common is Private Limited by Shares LTD

3. Registered Office Address. This must be an address within the state. It cannot be a P.O box. We are a registered Office Agent, and offer the facility for you to use our address for your company formation. MORE

4. Company Email Address: The Certificate of incorporation will be issued to this email address.

5. Directors Details: You can have one Director but you need a Separate person to be Secretary.

Directors Name
Directors Residential Address
Date of Birth

Secretary Details: If you want us to be Secretary of your company we offer this service HERE If you provide your own Secretary details required are:

Secretary Name
Residential Address
Date of Birth

6. Company Capital Details: For an LTD it is possible just to incorporate with only issued shares. We recommend a simple 100 shares, valied at €1 each. If you require Authorised shares please contact us and we can discuss your requirement.

7. Nace Code: The NACE code is the common basis for statistical classifications of economic activities within
the E.U We will assist you in choosing this.

8. General nature of the activity: The activity of the company

The process for forming a company is as follows:

1.Choose your package on
2.Submit your information to the form. The form will guide you through the process.
3.Then wait for the signature pages we email you with a complete set of instructions. You print & sign the attached forms and post them back to us before the deadline of 11th December.
Once your company is formed we will notify you and send your pack. Some packs may be posted at different times depending on the package you choose. If you require Corporation tax registration, this can take longer to go through the registration process with Revenue.